The World’s #1 Leadership and Education Camp Experience for Kids is now in Australia!

Gift Your Child The Camp of a Lifetime!Proven Results… Time After Time

84% of participants increase their self-esteem and 73% raise their grades after the camp. How? Well, after 30 years of development, SuperCamp®’s state-of-the-art Quantum Learning System® delivers the very best in Life and Learning Skills.

Project Kids Connect Presents Supercamp®

Green SuperCamp® Australia gives your child the opportunity to become a super learner by using the world’s leading academic acceleration techniques, through the Quantum Learning® framework, tailored to each individual’s learning style.

Green SuperCamp® Australia will help your son or daughter increase grades while building their confidence, motivation and the drive to break through barriers that can hold them back in life. Each camp aims to support your child or children to get the very best from their school experience and create a solid foundation on which to build the rest of their life.

SuperCamp® has a 32 year history of giving over 65,000 every day kids the opportunity to access world class training, giving them life and leadership skills that allow them to create a solid foundation of self-confidence and academic success, on which they can build full and happy lives.

At the inaugural SuperCamp® Australia Senior Forum, held in April 2012, incredible results were achieved by the participants, such as:

  • 100% increased their academic skills
  • 100% increased their self-discipline and commitment
  • 100% increased their communication and relationship skills
  • 100% increased their self-esteem
  • 100% increased their confidence and courage

Furthermore, the percentage of increase is quite remarkable in each core area of measurement. For instance, there was an average overall increase of:

  • 55% in Academic Skills
  • 38% in Communication and Relationship Skills
  • 30% in Personal Skills

Imagine being able to help your son or daughter to increase their results in these important areas!

Now here in Australia

Junior Camp for teens 10-14 held at Cave Hill Creek in Beaufort, Vic

Senior Camp for teens 14-17 held at Cave Hill Creek in Beaufort, Vic

Ok, so you’re here either because you’re a parent who wants the very best for your child or you’re a teenager who’s after more than just your average school holiday experience. In fact you might even want a life changing experience that is incredibly good fun and will accelerate your ability to learn for the rest of your life.

Green SuperCamp Australia has thoroughly investigated all the worlds leading youth camp programs and the results achieved by young people through participation in SuperCamp® are head and shoulders above the rest. We’ve seen SuperCamp® delivered around the world and we think it’s time Australian kids got a piece of the action.

The whole focus of the SuperCamp® program is to give young people the skills, tools and strategies that enable them to get the best out of life and importantly, to deal effectively with life’s challenges.  SuperCamp® , provides the camp experience that kids and parents love!

… and there is something for everyone.

10-Day Senior Camp (14 – 17 year old)


“The things you learn here benefit you for the rest of your life, and the experiences you go through are like nothing else. Even though the Senior Forum only lasts for ten days, the emotional bonds and trust you build with those around you are comparable to those you have with your best friends. This camp has changed my life in so many ways, and I can guarantee you that the people who leave the camp are different than the people who came into this camp.”… (read more)


7-Day Junior Camp (10 – 14 year old)

“Last year before I went to SuperCamp®, I thought of it as a punishment, like summer school, and I really didn’t want to be working over my break, but when I arrived people were really energetic and really welcoming. I made really great friendships and I still talk to those people all the time. And I learned effective learning and study skills that help me make high school easy. I got the best grades that I have ever gotten and I really look forward to coming back this year.”

Hear what the kids have to say about Green SuperCamp Australia:

And now hear what the camp facilitators have to say:

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